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Ever seen The Sandlot?  It's kind of like that.  As your kids start the school year and play other fall sports, fall ball is a relaxed 6 game season where the kids can just play a little more baseball in a season with no standings.  It's just about playing.




This fall, in addition to baseball, we are pleased to offer softball as well.

As a reminder, LGLL Fall Ball is our six-game “second” season starting on Saturday, September 8 and continuing through Sunday, October 14.  Games will be played on weekend afternoons, so they won’t interfere with other fall activities.  There are no practices (or optional by coach), standings, playoffs, or All-Stars — just the fun of a bunch of kids getting together to play a few extra ballgames before the cold sets in.

Each player will be assigned to a team and receive a LG shirt and hat/visor.


Fall baseball is for kids who are “league-age” 7 through 11 during this just completed 2018 season. (To determine your child’s league age, click here: https://www.littleleague.org/play-little-league/determine-league-age/)

Players who are league-age 7 will play in a division of their own, without LGLL-provided umpires.   

Players who are league-age 8 through 11 will be grouped in age-appropriate divisions and play games with LGLL umpires.  We hope to group kids who are league-ages 8 and 9 in one division and league-age 10 and 11 in a separate division.  Final groupings will be determined after registration is complete.


We heard your voices and read your emails!  Beginning this fall, we also will offer fall ball to our girls!  As this is our maiden voyage for fall softball, we are counting on our softball families for a great response. 

We will finalize the division of teams after registration ends in late August, but it is our hope to offer 2 to 3 divisions (the likely grouping being 12U, 10U and 8U) with some flexibility to balance teams. 

Get ready for some more softball and baseball!

LGLL Board

by posted 08/14/2018
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LOST: June 16.
Adult light brown glove with Fernando Valenzuela’s signature in the pocket.  If found, please contact stcollins19@gmail.com.    


Use this LINK to leave comments about your child's manager/coaches.  The Board will leave this link available all year so that we can give our members a forum in addition to the once a year survey sent at the end of the league year.


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    Waiola Park Safety Issues/Plan
        Please remember the following important safety points when attending a game at Waiola Park this season:
    1.  Only park on the side of the street that is next to Waiola Park.  (West side of Waiola and east side of Stone Avenue) - DO NOT PARK in front of the residents' homes on their side of the street and remind others in LGLL if they forget;

    2.  If all the parking along Waiola Park is taken, park along 48th Street or on the 600 South blocks of Stone and Waiola or any other block you wish; we encourage you not to park north of 47th Street - park south and enjoy the walk!

    3.  Drive carefully, slowly and with your full attention on the road when driving by Waiola Park;

    4.  DO NOT use the driveways of residents on Waiola and Stone near Waiola Park  to turn around in -  be courteous to them and drive a little farther instead of using their driveways;

    5.  Use common sense for the safety of your children at Waiola Park - a particular concern is the safety of children crossing the street to the ice cream truck.

    Be a good Neighbor to those who live near Waiola Park.

    Thank you!

    LGLL Board of Directors

    p.s.  Please make sure to use available garbage cans and keep the Park clean of any litter.