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La Grange Little League
March 2017
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March 16 & April 4Umpire Training Sessions
March 11 & 12: Dick's Discount >> THIS WEEKEND FOR LGLL 
April 10: Season Opens!!!
April 23: Picture Day (LTHS South Field House)
June 12: Playoffs Start
June 17: Closing Ceremonies (Sedgwick Park)

LGLL 2017 Calendar Online

See the latest updates and full calendar on our website HERE.

President's Message: Play Catch With Your Child
I wanted to share a special thank you note I received from a child who I helped to register for T-Ball this season. It is a reminder about the special role baseball and softball play in a young child’s life.

When you think baseball and softball, one of the first things that always jumps to mind is playing catch with your son or daughter. We always remember those moments like when your dad or mom took you to your first major league ballgame or maybe took you to the local field to take batting practice. And when you’re a kid, your parents are usually the first ones to show you how to throw. And after that, learning to appreciate all the nuances of the game is one of those things that’s passed down from generation to generation. 

There’s just something magical about it, the ball going back and forth between you. No words need to be spoken, just the popping of the glove like an invisible string connecting you. You tend to take it for granted as a kid, but looking back now I realize how lucky I was growing up. I was lucky to have parents who always took the time to throw with me in the  back yard.

Now is the time to make memories with your son or daughter. Go out to the back yard and “play catch”.

Tim O’Brien
La Grange Little League President



Indoor Training Sessions With the White Sox Academy!

Thank you to everyone that participated in our training sessions so far this season. Our C-League, Farm League, and Coach Pitch have had the opportunity to work with our coaches and the professional staff from the Chicago White Sox Academy. What a great success–see some of the pictures from the event–more to come for our Baseball and Softball players, stay tuned!


View more photos on our website here!


Training Tip of the Month

Show them YOUR hitting face!

Player Ages 5-8

The challenge: Lack of aggression at the plate.  
Very often you'll see first time T-Ball players or players facing pitching for the first time standing at the plate with their bat on their shoulder, scared/apprehensive, uncomfortable and not sure what to do. The result is a VERY weak, reactive swing.

The solution(s):

  • Put on YOUR Hitting Face.
    Get the kids in a circle and practice their “hitting face”. Show them YOUR hitting face…mean, growl, angry!  Have fun with it and be silly. Yes, this will be a bit distracting at first as the kids try to come up with their silliest face…but for the kids that are especially challenged at the plate, you can remind them before EVERY at bat…“Wait…let me see that hitting face! NOW you’re ready!”

  • Do “Soft Toss” with a Soccer ball or Basketball
    The idea here is that these balls are significantly heavier to hit…and by having the kids crank away on a Basketball or Soccer ball, they’ll soon learn how a stronger and more aggressive swing can improve their hitting!


Pitching Drills 

Player Ages 9-12

Improve your pitching mechanics by watching the videos below without putting unnecessary strain on your arm!

Towel Snap Drill: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jH3GVbL1Kc8

Hershiser Drill: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zu4vLOEthM4&t=84s


Play Ball!

Coach Schlichter and Tom Ratcliffe 
LGLL Board Members - Player Development

Become A Sponsor Today!
Our sponsors have always been key to the successful operation of La Grange Little League. Because of their generous support, we were recently able upgrade our two fields at Sedgwick Park to improve the quality of play and safety of our players. Without these donations, the ongoing improvements needed would not be possible.

We invite others to consider sponsoring La Grange Little League as it enters its 61st year so we can continue to fund projects and operations in order to provide a memorable experience for players and their families. If you are interested in sponsoring a team and the league, please contact Jim Hennessy ( ) or John Cheney ( ).

March Sponsor Spotlight: White Sox Academy


The Chicago White Sox Training Academy is an integral part of our Player Development Program and a great sponsor for LaGrange Little League. As an active partner with LGLL, we have scheduled several pre-season sessions with White Sox instructors at the LT Field House. 
For C-League, Farm League, and Coach Pitch have already completed these sessions (see pictures above from last weekend’s Coach Pitch session!). T-Ball, Peanuts and Minors are scheduled for the coming weeks. These sessions are conducted with the White Sox Training Academy in a group setting for targeted age groups, with a focus on introductory hitting, fielding, and throwing mechanics and drills.

For A League, B League, Majors, and Juniors we’ve reserved custom, individual practices for each team with a White Sox instructor to be scheduled by each coach! This is a great opportunity to have each Manager and the White Sox instructor focus on the specific needs and instruction for EACH team! 

Please keep an eye out for LaGrange Little League discounts for spring break programs and ongoing sessions the White Sox Academy has for to our league.

Visit the White Sox Academy online:  http://www.bullssoxacademy.com



MANDATORY Umpire Training

We will hold several training sessions for our umpires. Two initial sessions will be held at Diamond Edge Baseball Academy on Thursday, March 16 (7:00-8:30 pm) and Tuesday, April 4 (7:00-8:30 pm). A third session will be held before the season starts (date and time TBD).

Please feel free to e-mail Jeff Nowak, Director of Officials, with any questions at  .

Diamond Edge is located at:

     7850 S. QUINCY ST.
     WILLOWBROOK, IL 60527

m  http://www.diamondedgeacademy.com/

Thank you in advance!

Jeff Nowak

Please feel free to e-mail Jeff Nowak, Director of Officials, with any questions at  .



Little League Parents,

As we near the start of the season, please remember you will need to sign-up for volunteer spots to fulfill your commitment.

Please look for an email announcing volunteer opportunities in the coming weeks. At that you can visit the LGLL website and click on the volunteer link to sign up for opportunities throughout the season to contribute to the success of our league - we could not make a season work without the volunteer program.  

The positions are filled on a first come, first serve basis and new opportunities will be added throughout the season.

Thank you in advance for a great season!

For families new to Little League or for those moving up to levels of play within LGLL, we encourage you to take advantage of the resource available at our website and through the Little League Organization. 

Also, please follow-us and Like Us on Facebook!

by posted 03/11/2017
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Use this LINK to leave comments about your child's manager/coaches.  The Board will leave this link available all year so that we can give our members a forum in addition to the once a year survey sent at the end of the league year.

LOST: Men's Gold Wedding Ring possibly on the first base sideline of the B Field.  Please email lgllwebmaster@gmail.com
LOST: 32 inch, 22oz, black and dark gray bat...it says "combat" in orange letters.  Please email lgllwebmaster@gmail.com
FOUND:  Left handed fielders glove.  Picked up after Closing Ceremonies.  Please email lgllwebmaster@gmail.com


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Waiola Park Safety Issues/Plan
    Please remember the following important safety points when attending a game at Waiola Park this season:
1.  Only park on the side of the street that is next to Waiola Park.  (West side of Waiola and east side of Stone Avenue) - DO NOT PARK in front of the residents' homes on their side of the street and remind others in LGLL if they forget;

2.  If all the parking along Waiola Park is taken, park along 48th Street or on the 600 South blocks of Stone and Waiola or any other block you wish; we encourage you not to park north of 47th Street - park south and enjoy the walk!

3.  Drive carefully, slowly and with your full attention on the road when driving by Waiola Park;

4.  DO NOT use the driveways of residents on Waiola and Stone near Waiola Park  to turn around in -  be courteous to them and drive a little farther instead of using their driveways;

5.  Use common sense for the safety of your children at Waiola Park - a particular concern is the safety of children crossing the street to the ice cream truck.

Be a good Neighbor to those who live near Waiola Park.

Thank you!

LGLL Board of Directors

p.s.  Please make sure to use available garbage cans and keep the Park clean of any litter.